Concise Manual for Ceramic Studies
Under the direction of Romain David, translation Mustafa Ahmad; Bettina Bader; Anne Benoist; Andrea Berlin; Julia Budka; Saskia Buechner-Matthews; Katarzyna Danys; Bogusław Franczyk; Elsa Jadot; Sylvie Marchand; Lara Maritan; Steven Matthews; Patrick E. McGovern; Ulrike Nowotnick; Maria-Paola Pellegrino; Dominique Pieri; Mary Ownby; Agnès Vokaer; Valentina Vezzoli.

“Études d’égyptologie” series, no. 24, directed by Nicolas Grimal, Secrétaire Perpétuel of the Académie des Inscriptions
et Belles-Lettres and professor emeritus at the Collège de France. A volume format 210 × 280 mm,
Isbn 978-2-918157-54-0 : 320 pages (167 in English—including a chronology of the Near East, a bibliography, an English-Arabic lexicon and a general map of the sites; 153 in Arabic—including a chronology and an Arab-English lexicon). Nearly 400 photographs, illustrations, maps and plans. I. The First Steps on the Field; II. Ceramic Classification; III. Documentation of the Assemblies; IV. Computerization of the Documentation; V. Various Approaches of the Ceramic Documentation;
VI. Ceramic Studies in French Institutes Abroad; VII. Lexicon; Bibliography; Map of the main sites mentioned.
A free interactive digital file, Isbn 978-2-918157-55-7 • • •

couverture Concise Manual for Ceramic Studies
couverture Concise Manual for Ceramic Studies