Leadership under fire: the pressures of warfare in Ancient Egypt  The investigation of the personal aspects of ancient Egyptian pharaohs is a hazardous undertaking owing to the purposeful orientation of our textual records. Most studies […] concentrate upon the series of monuments and written accounts which have been left to us as well as the numerous high ranking private individuals […]. Yet, as is known to every Egyptologist, all of the royal material is particularly difficult to analyze owing to their purposeful orientations. Specifically, what the monarchs wanted to publicize was not their innermost feelings at any specific time and place […]. Fortunately, when it came to war, the New Kingdom pharaohs, and Pianchy of Kush as well, were determined to provide extensive records of their major campaigns, both pictorially and textually […]. Anthony Spalinger, Four leçons at the Collège de France, Paris, June 2019; collection « Études d’égyptologie », dirigée par Nicolas Grimal, professeur au Collège de France, n° 20. One printed volume, Isbn 978-2-918157-40-3, 160 × 240 mm, 336 pages, 14 plates, 9 pages of indices, distribution Bleu autour, 50 euros. One interactive Acrobat file, free download. Cet ouvrage a été publié avec le soutien de la Fondation Hugot du Collège de France.
Anthony Spalinger, Leadership under fire: the pressures of warfare in Ancient Egyp.
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